SANYO DENKI Group History

Feb. 2015 SANYO DENKI INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (India) established.
Nov. 2014 SANYO DENKI ENGINEERING(Shanghai) CO.,LTD. (China) established.
Aug. 2013 Head office relocated to the current location.
Mar. 2013 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Jul. 2011 SANYO DENKI (THAILAND) CO., LTD. (Thailand) established.
Apr. 2011 SANYO DENKI (Zhongshan) CO., LTD. (China) established.
Jul. 2009 SANYO KOGYO CO., LTD. became a wholly owned subsidiary.
Jan. 2009 Kangawa Works established.
Jan. 2008 SANYO DENKI (Shenzhen) CO., LTD. (China) established.
Dec. 2005 SANYO DENKI TAIWAN CO., LTD. (Taiwan) established.
Nov. 2005 SANYO DENKI KOREA CO., LTD. (Korea) established.
Oct. 2005 SANYO DENKI GERMANY GmbH (Germany) established.
Aug. 2005 SANYO DENKI SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. (Singapore) established.
Jun. 2005 SANYO DENKI Techno Service (Shenzhen) CO., LTD. established.
Jun. 2005 SANYO DENKI (H.K.) CO., LIMITED established.
Apr. 2003 SANYO DENKI SHANGHAI CO., LTD. (China) established.
Feb. 2000 SANYO DENKI PHILIPPINES, INC. (Philippines) established.
Mar. 1999 SANYO DENKI Techno Service Co., Ltd.,established.
Jul. 1997 Technology Center established.
Apr. 1995 SANYO DENKI AMERICA, INC. (USA) established.
Apr. 1990 Fujiyama Works established.
Dec. 1988 SANYO DENKI EUROPE SA. (France) established.
Oct. 1984 Aoki Works established.
Mar. 1980 Tsuiji Works established.
Apr. 1979 Shioda Works established.
Sep. 1962 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Dec. 1945 Head office and Tokyo Works relocated to the North Otsuka area of Tokyo.
Jan. 1943 Ueda factories (Ueda Kita Works, former Midorigaoka Works) established
Apr. 1942 Renamed SANYO DENKI Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1936 Reorganized into a joint stock company (Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd.)
Oct. 1932 A factory for the production of small AC and DC generators and communications equipment power units established in the Nishi-Sugamo (currently Higashi-Ikebukuro) area of Tokyo
Aug. 1927 Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd. founded by Hideo Yamamoto to import and sell electrical components.
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